Mental health and wellbeing describe our mental state – how we are feeling and how well we can cope with day-to-day life. Promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is important for employees, their employers, society and the economy as mental health can impact individuals’ overall health, their ability to work productively (if at all), their relationships with others, and societal costs related to unemployment, poor workplace productivity and health and social care.

Human Capital is crucial for an organisation and should be well taken care of. We offer programmes that are designed to ensure that the employees are cared for mentally, they are supported through both work and personal stresses and encounters.

A supportive work environment can reduce the onset, severity, impact and duration of a mental health disorder. We tailor the wellness programs based on the size of the company, the nature of the business, and the anticipated levels of stress and pressure of that company. When the company employees are healthy and well, the company sees more effectiveness, more loyalty, low turnover, less absenteeism, and less sick leave days which results in more production and profit. The return on investment can be seen almost immediately. 

We’ll help you give your employees the support they need to maintain a fulfilling and productive working life.

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Clinic Days
Offsite Therapy
Coaching and training
Wellness days​
Clinic Days

  • Organisations book our services for one or two days a week to do clinic days at
    their offices. The employees book appointments via our email or telephonic
    service. A number of psychologists and counsellors provide 50-minute therapy
    sessions. If the psychologists recommend more sessions, then the employees are
    seen at our offices for follow-up appointments.
  •  Employees don’t have to leave the office to be seen, they can get back to work
    after their therapy session.
  • When bookings are done, company only pays for the number of psychologists
    needed for that day
  • Employees will feel taken care of and catered for by the company which reduces.
    employee turn over
  • Maximum of 6 sessions in total (can be discussed with company) – thereafter
    employees can use own resources to continue.
  • Get a monthly update of what employees struggle with, which can assist in
    bettering interpersonal relationships and company culture

Offsite Therapy

  • This package allows employees to book at an ad hoc basis. Employees
    come to our offices to be seen for the appointment. Employees use email
    or telephonic service to book an appointment as and when needed.
  • Pay as you use 
  • Can decide on maximum of 6 sessions, thereafter employees can use own
    resources to continue


  • Use our services on retainer basis. Clients are seen as per the need, company
    pays flat fee a month, no matter how many clients get seen for that particular
  • Can use retainer for Clinic days, Offsite Therapy Service, or both.
  • Complementary monthly mental health talks.
  • Maximum of 6 sessions per client, thereafter employees can use own resources
    to continue.

Coaching and training

This package offers coaching services not therapy nor counselling. 

  • Helps individuals unlock their potential and get over fears and anxiety in work
    place, which helps productivity and idea generation.
  • Creates confident and proactive thinkers.
  • Cultivate a thinking workspace.
  • Team building exercises and resonance groups to help interpersonal
  • Individual or group coaching.
  • How to manage mentally ill employees.
  • How to work well with juniors.
  • Conflict Resolution.

Wellness days​

  • Educate on mental health issues
  • Raise awareness in the workplace
  • Be able to treat colleagues suffering with mental illness with empathy and create an
    understanding space
  • Talks on work-life balance
  • Other practitioners such as dieticians, Occupational Therapists, Nurses can join to
    raise more awareness on Holistic Well-being in the work place

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On all packages – You can get a monthly update of what employees struggle with,
which can assist in bettering interpersonal relationships and company culture


  • Improve Engagement
  • Reduce Stress
  • Maintain Work Ability
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Absenteeism​
  • Improve Workplace Safety

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Medico-Legal Assessments

Mental Wellness Research ​



All our consultants are qualified and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. They are supervised to ensure quality service and they are trained to uphold the company’s values and principles.

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